Association Meet Up India – Association Management: India vs The Global Perspective

Association Meet Up India, organised by Glue Up, GHA Conferences, and ITC Hotels, gathered association leaders from all over the country for an exclusive event at the ITC Gardenia in Bengaluru on March 9th, 2024. These leaders had a unique opportunity to converse, share ideas, and assess association management techniques across national and international borders at this event.

Leaders from healthcare associations and professionals from the media, technology, and hospitality sectors made up the panel of experts. They explored the intricacies of managing associations in various cultural and legal environments. Discussions were full of insightful, practical information and intriguing questions, moderated by Anitha Niranjan of GHA Conferences. Association leaders gained essential resources to increase the effectiveness of their associations by exchanging experiences and learning from one another. Peer learning and meaningful exchange took place.

Attendees got the opportunity to network with colleagues from all around India, which could lead to partnerships and collaborations in a variety of industries. The diversity and breadth of associations in India were demonstrated by the representation of associations in fields ranging from animal husbandry, and spices to stainless steel.


ITC Hotels added a touch of hospitality and showcased the splendour of India’s tourism offerings by displaying well-known locations from all over the nation. “It was a wonderful evening, and it was great catching up with association leaders from diverse fields as well as teams from Glue Up and GHA Conferences,” said Harsh Verma, National Sales Head – South.

“Last Saturday’s event was a success!” said Sony Sankaran, Regional Sales Head-India at Glue Up, expressing her happiness with the outcome of the event. “It is always satisfying to facilitate lively conversations and see enthusiastic guests. Glue Up is grateful for the opportunity to meet everyone. We are dedicated to helping with an All-In-One-Association management solution to support growth within India or globally.”

The importance of associations in advancing academic and scientific research, creativity, and community development was highlighted during the GHS conferences. “I strongly believe that associations are the backbone of building a better tomorrow,” says director Anitha Niranjan.

In conclusion, Association Meet Up India fostered cooperation, creativity, and knowledge sharing, emphasising the significance of associations as drivers behind growth and progress in India and beyond.

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