Bahrain’s International Jazz Festival 2024 Unveils ‘Jazz For All, All For Jazz’ Theme

The seventh edition of Bahrain’s International Jazz Festival, the premier jazz music celebration in the kingdom, is scheduled to return to Royal Golf Club on April 26, 2024. Since its inception, the festival has developed into a popular global music spectacular, solidifying its position as a highlight of Bahrain’s calendar of events. Over the last six years, the festival has drawn over 30,000 visitors and featured some of the best jazz musicians from across the globe.

The festival states that it is the only event in the Middle East to be named a Global Organisational Partner of International Jazz Day by the Herbie Hancock Institute of Jazz/UNESCO. This prestigious award recognises the festival’s unwavering commitment to advancing the development of jazz in the Middle East.

Bahrain’s International Jazz Festival 2024, under the theme “Jazz For All, All For Jazz,” honours jazz as a universal language that transcends across generational and cultural boundaries. Whether one is a seasoned aficionado or a curious listener, the festival extends an invitation to all to immerse themselves in the rich tapestry of jazz music and experience its transformative power.

The festival’s stellar lineup of international jazz performers will feature a wide variety of styles and influences. Attendees can expect incredible performances that show the jazz musicians’ boundless creativity, showcasing everything from soulful melodies to improvisational virtuosity.

In addition to live performances, the festival will include a range of events and activities for attendees of all ages. The festival offers a range of interactive jam sessions, masterclasses, and workshops that allow aspiring and seasoned musicians to connect with the vibrant jazz community.

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