Simba Uproar 2.0: Elevating Urban Culture Through Music, Art, and Community

Simba Uproar 2.0

Simba, the first craft beer brand in India, continues to push the boundaries by blending music, art, street culture, technology, and immersive installations to enhance urban and street art. Simba Uproar triumphantly returned with a second edition in 2022, following the popularity of the previous event.

The event drew over 7000 enthusiastic attendees and combined beer, hip-hop, and all things street into an amazing experience. The culmination of an incredible six-city tour captivated audiences’ interests with its fusion of art, urban street culture, beer, and pulsating music. The event began in Mumbai and ended in Delhi, after touring through Panchkula, Bengaluru, Pune, and Guwahati. This remarkable feat of covering six cities in six months was accomplished by Simba Beer.

Celebrated for its electric ambiance and pulsating energy, Simba Uproar, renowned for its vibrant energy and dynamic atmosphere, began its journey in Mumbai with an impressive lineup of artists, including Seedhe Maut, Prabhdeep X Sickflip, Yashraj with Ladke Convict featuring Hanumankind, Chaar Diwaari & Dropped Out, Anisha, and Suggahunny. Rabab, Tricksingh & The Punjab Cartel, KR$NA & Nash, Boyka & Gauriwho were among the artists performing at the Panchkula edition.

Uproar in Bengaluru was brought to life by the energetic performances of DJ KAN-i, Humankind with Parimal Shais, Seedhe Maut, and Kampai & Friends with Double T & Master Shifu. Raga, Yashraj, and DJ KAN-i brought the rhythm to Pune, while Seedhe Maut and The Rebel Crew—featuring Dappest, Jelo, Big Dane, and Knack—kept the excitement going in Guwahati.

The last showcase for Uproar was in Delhi, featuring a stellar lineup of artists that blended the various aspects of street urban culture seamlessly. These artists included Pho, Karan & Nanku, Chaardiwari & Duniya, SIMBA all stars featuring Raga, Yashraj, Hanumankind, and Prabhdeep, followed by the season after party with Rabab and Avantika.

Nestled in the heart of the nation’s capital, Simba Uproar 2.0 elevated the festival to unprecedented heights. It is more than just an event; it represents Simba’s dedication to building a thriving community and giving local talent a platform, empowering individuals to be true to who they are. It is a cultural movement and a forum for the voices of up-and-coming and established artists to be heard beyond the streets and into India’s rich cultural heritage. Simba aims to change these stories through its tremendous success, influencing the country’s cultural fabric.

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